Exhibition + Display

The film is intended to be displayed in public spaces so that the community at large is confronted with the experiences of thousands of women every day across America.  Striking a balance between the public and private domain, the film draws parallels between a very real political discussion involving a woman’s intimate, personal life and the public square. As people travel to work, they may see the woman lying in her bed, when they encounter her when traveling home, she may be watching television, as we settle down for sleep, she too is sleeping.  We are reminded of what is sacrificed in putting one’s life on hold for twenty-four hours (or more), and see ourselves in nuanced familiarities. We aim to be as impactful as possible, and want to consider public sites that best lend themselves to maximum exposure and contemplation. Our goal is to exhibit this film in public spaces in every city/state/country where the burden of mandated waiting periods and abortion deserts are felt most strongly.

Potential methods of display include:

  • Rear-projection to public facing screen

  • Large TV

  • LED screen

Sites of interest include:

  • Storefronts

  • Bus stations/sites of public transportation

  • Civic spaces

  • High-traffic interior spaces

Interested in organizing an exhibition or showing?


Note: The images used above are intended for reference only to demonstrate potential methods of display.